LOCAL is a new model of housing. Focusing on the challenges faced by young professionals, LOCAL helps bridge our residents’ day-to-day lives to their aspirations and to their communities.

Our team supports each other’s personal and professional growth, shares the hard work and success and inspires each other to stay creative. We get it done right, and we have fun along the way.

As our co-founder and head of development, Brandt oversees corporate strategy and execution of deal pipeline, whether exploring new markets, negotiating with landowners, working through the entitlement process or securing capital necessary to make the projects a reality. He perceives the possibilities and works with his extremely talented development team to overcome the many obstacles inherent in every development project, leaving behind strong community legacies through beautiful, thoughtful, high-quality projects.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Brandt worked as an accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers before launching StiVan Group, a local investment and management company, with Tim. Then in 2013, Brandt and Tim formed Collegiate Development Group with the core principles that would become our foundation—integrity, growth, partnership and innovation.

Those entrepreneurial years taught Brandt that the best path isn’t the easy path. That overcoming hurdles means gathering the right information, mitigating risk in strong-yet-difficult opportunities and simply never giving up.


- MAcc, University of Missouri: Columbia

- BA in Accountancy, University of Missouri: Columbia

- Licensed CPA, State of Missouri

"No’ is not in my vocabulary. There’s always a way to make things happen."

Right out of college, Tim did historic renovation work for Blue Urban, a historic real estate developer based in the Midwest, redeveloping over 550,000 sf and $120 million worth of historic projects. Then, in 2009, he and Brandt founded StiVan Group, focusing on opportunistic buying packages and portfolios of repositioned residential real estate, before launching Collegiate Development Group in 2013.

These experiences solidified Tim’s foothold among local banks and owners and taught him the essential skills of agility, flexibility and how to navigate the ever-changing cycle of real estate, not to mention finding mutually beneficial opportunities. They also taught him the importance of location, a perspective that’s of paramount importance to the social and investment values our projects bring to partners and communities today.

As cofounder and head of construction, Tim takes tremendous pride in bringing our complex, meaningful projects to life—of staying five steps ahead of any situation, evaluating potential outcomes, understanding every element at a granular level to react and anticipate as events arise. His pride in seeing our projects built goes beyond simply finalizing a deal. It’s the deeply personal pride of investing significant time, effort and heart, from the arduous stages of predevelopment and design to final construction, into building a project that makes money, makes communities better and helps residents live their best lives.


- BS in Business Management, University of Central Missouri

- Experienced in multifamily and single-family property development, historic redevelopment, commercial and retail construction, operational matters and specialty financing.

"It’s amazing to think back across each project and know where you started, then see where you end up. We’re very proud of doing the right thing."

Marina has always loved real estate. Growing up in New York City, she understood from an early age the tension between aspiration and budget. Those early days fueled a passion for development that she brings to every LOCAL project.

Marina began her career with Paradigm Development Company, developing luxury multifamily in Washington, D.C. Her next role took her to Athens, GA, where she developed over $850MM in student housing projects with Landmark Properties, a national off-campus student housing development company.

Leveraging her experience in student housing and multifamily, Marina manages LOCAL’s brand platform and oversees development from sourcing to stabilization. In any given day, she is involved in site selection, underwriting, negotiating with sellers, communicating with municipalities, reviewing contracts, working with design teams and collaborating with institutional partners. Her work is endlessly varied, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


- JD, Harvard Law School

- BS in Economics, Brooklyn College

- Experienced in acquisitions, development, capital raising and risk mitigation

"We’re bringing a hospitality focus to post-graduate development. There’s a real opportunity to engage and break down social barriers between people. We want people to know and feel connected to their neighbors."